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" Loved everything about it! Being a big Tucci fan, was thrilled with having the opportunity to try one of his recipes. Was also impressed with the quality of food and the quantity. Overall highly recommend and would buy again. Thanks for putting together a great box, giving us a chance to try a Tucci recipe! "

– Tamara N. / Taste of Tucci

" I love Brooke Williamson from Food Network & jumped at the chance to finally taste her food. Her braised shortribs and risotto were absolutely delicious and the how-to video was so helpful!! 5 Stars!! "

-Sherri McCormack/ Brooke Williamson

" I gave this as a gift to my foodie adult children. Beyond thrilled, is how I would describe their reactions. They say the food was so very good and the (S. PELLEGRINO) sparkling water was an added joy! "

– Doreen S. / Taste of Tucci

" Since I made this a few weeks back I've been dreaming of it regularly. The gumbo was incredibly flavorful, and the fresh hot cornbread was the perfect compliment. Fresh food makes such a difference, and WorldChef allowed me to impress my family with freshly cooked food in less time and without most of the hassle. Portions were sizable, too - enough for a couple of meals. 10/10 would recommend. "

- Review by Jeff B. / Gumbo
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