About Us

We’re fans and foodies just like you…

who happen to make award-winning food shows like Netflix's Fresh Fried & Crispy, Amazon's Eat The World with Emeril Lagasse and Roku's Shape of Pasta. 

For years, we’ve been fortunate enough to eat beautiful food directly from the Chefs we’ve collaborated with around the world. Which got us thinking… what if we could bring the food we feature on our shows directly to our audience? 

So, along with Chef partners like Brooke Williamson, Brian Duffy and more, we set out to create the dream platform for foodies; a place where truly special Chefs can share their extraordinary food experiences directly with their fans.


For every meal purchased on our platform, World Chef will proudly donate a meal to someone in need and will commit to working with local, state and federal governments to shine a light on the 38 million Americans, including 12 million children, who are food insecure.

Let's Give Back Together