Stanley Tucci Shares Clever Serving and Food Storage Tips

Leave it to Stanley Tucci to make the upcoming cooler months a bit cozier with pasta. The avid cook is releasing a recipe kit that’s perfect for chilly nights at home and restful meals ahead of the holidays.

Stanley Tucci Is Single-Handedly Bringing Back Discontinued Pastina Pasta

Pasta enthusiasts were crushed early this year when Ronzoni discontinued its beloved star-shaped pastina, making the Italian staple much harder to find. Thankfully, Stanley Tucci has stepped in (because who else?) to resolve this culinary crisis.

Stanley Tucci Grew Up Eating a Very Specific Pasta Shape

Have you ever heard of pastina? How about stelline? Pastina roughly means small pasta; and stelline are very small, star-shaped pasta with a hole in the middle. Both pastina and stelline have been used in Italian kitchens since the 16th century, and both are typically found in broths. But while pastina is used in an everyday meal, stelline is something special. The star shape lends itself to celebrations like weddings.

Stanley Tucci Reveals The Pasta Dish That's Always On His Family's Thanksgiving Table

My favorite moment from my discussion with Stanley Tucci, actor, cookbook author, and father of five (Camilla, Nicolo, Isabel, all adults, and Matteo and Emilia, who are 8 and 5, respectively) isn’t written out in this article, but it’s a moment I suspected/kind of really hoped would happen.


The star-studded duo is adding an Italian twist to the holiday season by bringing this star-shaped pasta to the U.S. alongside two of Stanley Tucci's family recipe.

Viewpoint: Why social content is “The Beast that Ate Television”

Social media stars are attracting audiences and dollars with their authentic approach to content. According to Mike Duffy (pictured), co-founder of Ugly Brother Studios and food content plattform YumCrunch, that ...

Stanley Tucci Is Dropping a Meal Kit of His Favorite Holiday Pasta

The "Searching for Italy" star’s “Taste of Tucci” recipe kit with S.Pellegrino features his recipe for gnochetti con salsiccia e broccolini.

‘The Shape of Pasta’ Producers Mike and Tim Duffy Launch Culinary Streaming Platform World Chef

Mike and Tim Duffy have launched World Chef, a next-generation culinary streaming platform. The on-demand platform features content from food leaders such as “Top Chef” season 14 winner Brooke Williamson, Tim Hollingsworth, winner of Netflix’s “The Final Table,” and Food Network star Jet Tila, who will offer U.S. viewers shoppable interactive demos, original lifestyle shows and more.

Celebrate Mardi Gras With World Chef: An Immersive Food Platform Where Top Chef Meets Meal Kits

As consumers become newly reacquainted with their kitchens: mastering sourdough starters, growing scallions and watching cooking demos with tops chef, the urge to challenge those culinary skills has never been stronger. World Chef, a new platform for home cooks, is here to take you to the next level.

Top Chef Brooke Williamson's Short Rib and Risotto Meal Kit Benefits No Kid Hungry to Help End Food Insecurity

World Chef, the newly launched streaming food lover’s platform and Chef Brooke Williamson, winner of Top Chef: Season 14, recently announced their partnership with No Kid Hungry, a national campaign dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America.

This Streaming Service Will Level Up Your Cooking Skills

World Chef is like going to culinary school, but without the actual tuition fees. The platform contains interactive videos that are designed to feed the appetites of fine-dining enthusiasts, aspiring chefs and food lovers by breaking down the basics—with plenty of new content dropping weekly.

Dominique Crenn Is Bringing Celeb Chefs Together To Raise Money For Ukraine

Celebrity chef Dominique Crenn is leading a new effort to raise funds for World Central Kitchen's ongoing hunger relief efforts in Ukraine.

The Newest Spring Style, Hospitality and Culture Happenings in Los Angeles

“We realized that no one had ever made world-class meal kits that could be delivered alongside TV-quality cook-along stories,” say Emmy-winning culinary content producers Mike and Tim Duffy, who created an on-demand streaming platform, World Chef.

How Brooke Williamson Is Fighting Childhood Hunger

Brooke Williamson has partnered with World Chef to continue her efforts to give back to the community. Not only will you be able to brag to your friends that you tried the "Tournament of Champions" winner's food, but you can aid in the fight against childhood hunger along the way.

Dominique Crenn Spearheads Ukraine Fundraiser

Atelier Crenn chef and co-owner Dominique Crenn, who has previously raised money for breast cancer research, is partnering with World Chef—producer of food TV shows and cook-along meal kits—to lead the new Chefs for Unity “challenge” to bake and break bread together.

How to Support Ukraine Through Food Charities, Events, and Fundraisers

Chef Dominique Crenn has organized this global benefit to raise funds for World Central Kitchen. Chef Crenn, along with celebrity Chef Ming Tsai, will join forces with Chef José André and dozens of the world’s best chefs to inspire a moment of unity in a worldwide breaking of bread.

Celebrity chefs unite to help with Ukrainian relief

Three-Star-Michelin Chef Dominique Crenn joined us live to tell us about Chefs for Unity, the movement she’s leading to unify the world through food and raising money for Ukrainian relief.