What designates a World Chef?

Our World Chefs represent the underground stars, the new world mavericks, and the world’s best. If you know a local chef who deserves their shot at the World Chef stage, you can nominate them by sending us an email at talent@myworldchef.com. We’re always looking for rising stars who deserve their big break.

What is the World Chef Meal Kit?

Your fully recyclable, insulated food box is hand-packed by our sous chefs who have artfully prepared and packed every ingredient to the exact specifications of your World Chef. In order to guarantee your fresh, seasonal produce and proteins arrive in perfect condition, our food safety experts personally seal every box before it leaves the World Chef kitchen.

How long is each World Chef Session Video?

Our video content is short, informative, and entertaining and ranges in length from just a couple of minutes, to 30 minutes. Our goal is to ensure you’ll be plating your food in under 30 minutes.

What are the benefits of a World Chef Membership?

As a World Chef Member, you’ll always get first dibs on meal kits (since they sell out quickly!), deep discounts in our marketplace, exclusive access to Chefs, and our extraordinary rewards program.

Can I give World Chef as a gift?

You sure can! From birthdays to Mother’s Day, corporate gifts to anniversaries… you can gift a World Chef Meal Kit and corresponding Chef Session to every foodie in your life, simply by plugging in their address at checkout. We are happy to fulfill bulk orders as well. Go ahead and email us at support@worldchef.zendesk.com with your gifting questions.

Do you ship to my city?

We do ship to most cities within the continental United States! Due to ongoing shipping and supply chain issues from the COVID-19 pandemic, World Chef is constantly working with our shipping partners to ease shipping delays and handling issues.

Can the World Chef Meal Kit accommodate my food sensitivities and dietary restrictions?

We want you to have a World Chef experience, so please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions. While we cannot guarantee we can accommodate every request, we will certainly try.

Help! My World Chef Box hasn’t arrived yet!

Oh no, don’t worry! We’ll stop at nothing to replace your World Chef Box if it goes missing. Email support@worldchef.zendesk.com and we’ll personally work with the shipper to get you your box ASAP.

Tech Support, we have a problem!

Ugh, that’s frustrating. We’ve got you covered. Email us at info@myworldchef.com and we’ll connect you with a well-fed tech support guru to coach you through your streaming issues. You’ll be back up and cooking in no time!