Marry, Kiss, Kill: POTATO PROBLEMS

Chefs Natasha Feldman, Ayo Cherry

Potatoes can be polarizing. Ayo Cherry and Natasha Feldman face an impossible choice as they debate which of the three different preparations they would Marry, Kiss, or Kill. Note: some glass gets shattered over this.


About the Chefs

Natasha  Feldman smiling right at you

Chef Natasha Feldman

Natasha Feldman is a cooking instructor, private chef, recipe developer, host, and author of Dinner Party People, her new cookbook releasing Spring 2023. As a self-identified 34-year-old Jewish Grandmother, she loves to encourage people to have fun in the kitchen - worry less about making mistakes or how your food looks and worry more about whether you have sufficiently stuffed the faces of your friends and family and had a good time! She’s competed on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen and Chopped U, is the host of Nosh with Tash, and is a regular guest chef on morning shows across the country. Follow her on Instagram @NoshwithTash.

Ayo  Cherry smiling right at you

Chef Ayo Cherry

Ayo Cherry is the executive chef and owner of Served, her private chef and catering company. Her road to operating her own company began with a referral, and a great steak, leading her to becoming Lil Wayne’s personal chef. Currently, she has a rotating list of celebrity clientele. Ayo won Supermarket Stakeout on Food Network and you can catch her cooking on Buzzfeed’s Tasty.