Marry Kiss Kill: EGG-DITION #1

Chefs Ayo Cherry, Owen Han

Some big opinions are eggs-pressed in this round of Marry, Kiss, Kill. Owen Han asks Ayo Cherry which of three different preparations of eggs she would Marry, Kiss, or Kill.


About the Chefs

Ayo  Cherry smiling right at you

Chef Ayo Cherry

Ayo Cherry is the executive chef and owner of Served, her private chef and catering company. Her road to operating her own company began with a referral, and a great steak, leading her to becoming Lil Wayne’s personal chef. Currently, she has a rotating list of celebrity clientele. Ayo won Supermarket Stakeout on Food Network and you can catch her cooking on Buzzfeed’s Tasty.

Owen  Han smiling right at you

Chef Owen Han

Owen Han is a food content creator based out of Los Angeles. Having both Chinese and Italian heritage, he was exposed to a wide variety of foods from a very young age. In his hometown of Milan, Italy, Owen discovered his passion for food and cooking, while really honing his culinary skills. As a kid, he would spend hours in his Nonna’s kitchen and travel throughout Italy sampling each regions’ traditional foods. His Chinese heritage also introduced him to an entirely different world of cuisine and flavors that assisted in expanding his palate. He takes pride in being able to share his recipes through social media and you can find his videos on Instagram and TikTok @Owen.Han.