How to Make Garlic Delicious with Chef Joe Sasto

Chef Joe Sasto

We all know and love garlic (well, most of us do). But there are various ways to prepare and use garlic for different dishes, whether it’s a sauce or salad dressing. Chef Joe Sasto shows us the basic techniques of breaking down garlic and how to incorporate them into certain recipes.


About the Chef

Joe  Sasto smiling right at you

Chef Joe Sasto

From a very young age cooking by his mother’s side, Joe Sasto knew that he wanted to be a Chef. After college, he dove head first into the restaurant industry, training under some of the Bay Area’s most respected chefs at two and three Michelin-starred restaurants, and has since opened restaurants as Executive Chef in San Francisco and Los Angeles. From travel inspiration and experience, Chef Joe’s passion for pasta has evolved into many projects. When the pandemic hit, Chef Joe started teaching virtual livestream pasta lessons weekly, garnering a strong social media following. Recently, he launched his highly coveted focaccia popup, Luna Focacceria, and is currently set to release a puffed pasta snack line, entitled TANTOS. Chef Joe had a big win on Food Network’s, Chopped, and has competed on Bravo’s Top Chef and Top Chef All-Stars. He was recently featured in Food Network’s inaugural “Hot List” 2022 and is working on his first cookbook.